These light weight durable wheels are designed to last on any railroad still preserved and safe for travel. The sport of Rail Riding has been preserving railways world-wide and bringing the enjoyment of casual travel, sight-seeing, transporting goods, site surveying and inspection since 1975 and will be doing so for as long as adventurers desire to ride the open rails. They can take the heat, up to 200 degrees, cold to 40 degrees below 0.  These railroad wheels are on the rails in the deserts of India, to the railroad tracks in the tundra of Alaska, they have even proven themselves in several African wars - and can take the abuse of old abandoned railroad train tracks. Rail parks are opening all over the USA and other countries at a growing pace as this sport takes hold of adventurous travelers around the world. Whether your Rail Rider is self-propelled or motorized these wheels are built to handle any rider. All products are made and shipped from the USA

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